Known as an passionate makeup artist and hair stylist, Cassandra has an adoration for all things beauty.

She is committed to using the latest technology in skin and hair care to exceed the expectations of her clients. She believes continued education plays an integral part in the success of a beauty artist. 

Cassandra pays close attention to the intricate details of a client’s brand in order to create a unique and memorable experience, and brings a creative and positive attitude to every session. 

Her journey as a makeup artist began in 2008, after completing training in Cosmetology . From beauty school, she studied in The Makeup Mastered program under the instruction of the world renowned makeup artist Val Garland. She continues to educate herself under highly seasoned professionals in the editorial, commercial, TV, and film industries. 

Cassandra has a strong support system by way of professional organization membership. She has active memberships with The Professional Beauty Association, The Powder Group, Crystal Wright (PYP), and Women in Cosmetics (CEW).